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The Music


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That said, we're not just another cover band.  We change up the arrangements, add harmonies, and try to make it our own, all the while hoping that our fans will be thrilled with the delivery.


Enjoy the 1-2-3 knockout:

talented musicians, powerhouse vocals, exceptional repertoire!



La Musique


On dit que l’imitation est la forme d’admiration la plus sincère. Cela dit, Kim Adams and the House Cats n’est pas un groupe de reprises comme les autres. Il modifie les arrangements, ajoute des harmonies et tente le plus possible de s’approprier les chansons qu’il interprète, en espérant toujours que ses admirateurs seront ravis du résultat.


Des voix impressionnantes, des musiciens talentueux et un répertoire exceptionnel.








A Few Samples of Our Music:

  1. All You Can Eat

  2. Tiger Rag

  3. Damn Your Eyes

  4. Older Woman

  5. Who's Been Talking

  6. Girl Crush

  7. Moondance


In November 2016 Kim Adams and the House Cats launched their CD entitled Cover Stories.

CDs are available for purchase at their shows.


En novembre, 2016 Kim Adams and the House Cats ont lancé leur CD intitulé Cover Stories.

Les CDs sont disponibles à l'achat dans leurs spectacles.

Here's a sample of one of our songs, Don't Make a Habit of It, which was recorded live and set to video with a montage of photos taken from a number of our appearances.  We hope you enjoy it!


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